Are you keen to become a professional Dominant, and don't know where to start?

Perhaps you're already a professional, and need help taking your business to the next level?

Or maybe you're hungry to learn more BDSM skills in the bedroom?



Gain solid support in which to explore your own business. Perfect for independent massage therapists wanting to expand into erotic work. Maybe you have an established erotic business that you want to develop. Or perhaps you're a sex worker wanting to take your business to the next level.


Perhaps you're a Mistress, Master, brothel worker, or high class escort. If you're wanting help for your business but don't know where to look, then reach feel free to apply for mentoring. This program cuts out a lot of the struggles people usually experience in the first year, and fast tracks your business.

Covers branding, the legal side of work, security protocols, introductions to the industry, police interactions, health protocols, state by state requirements, phone and email interactions, online safety, marketing and photoshoots, social media, profiling, screening, as well as resources and homework.

A mentorship can range from questions and explorations, experienced based assistance, increased awareness, homework and building your industry based plans, and ultimately gets you ready to begin offering your brand. Sessions happen weekly, and can also be arranged via skype. I also offer a casual education introductory training for $250 an hour, capped at five hours.



This is a mini version of the apprenticeship, condensed to one month or four day sessions. An intensive month long training in kink and BDSM.


Together we sit down and create a personalised list of everything you would like to gain skills in, and make agreements in achieving this together. This is available only via application, as I am quite selective in who I train.

Perfect for people really wanting to learn from an experienced provider. Ideally you have already have a solid basis of basic principles like enthusiastic consent, how to set scene, what an ongoing non verbal dialogue of consent looks like, how complex trauma and  PTSD can be inform sessions, how to navigate your own boundaries as a Top, how to avoid serving the bottoms in session but still playing with dynamic consent, the difference between SSC and RACK, what steps to take prior to in person sessions to ensure safety, what Feminine superiority looks like and why we engage in the belief, what the patriarchy is and how BDSM and Fem Doms fight the war on sex negative conservative views, and how the personal is political.

If you don't already have prior knowledge as listed  above perhaps the apprenticeship is for you where we cover these things. However, I can tailor a one month program if you're not ready to commit to a four month apprenticeship. Feel free to get in contact.




A four to six month private program designed to build your career from the ground up, and get you completely ready to launch your new business. An advanced program which includes everything listed in the mentor program and one month training, plus lots more.


As a trainer I'm generous with educating newcomers without hoarding My skills. I know the unique service I offer cannot be replaced by my mentees, which allows My to connect with My community as an educator.

In this package I teach everything I know, including soft and hard skills to the depth of My experience, lots of theory to support your journey, hands on practise with My personal and professional slaves, and in person supervision.


Kink is a craft, an art, a way of life, a philosophy, and a skill with thousands of practises. I work fluidly, and tailor all apprenticeships to each individual. I work diligently to help you become the best professional possible.


In return I demand punctuality, service, humility, honesty, an inquisitive mind, and all homework completed, on time. All genders are welcome, but I work mostly on subs with cocks. 

Depending on what you need, apprenticeships can include everything already discussed on these pages, plus all activities I am trained to offer. All professional equipment supplied for practise.

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