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Sessions with Me take on a life of their own. No two sessions are the same, and I am at home in the erotic web that I weave.


My multi-faceted personality takes you on a journey, walking between the shades of sensual, strict, mesmerising, erotic, sadistic, nurturing, meticulous, brutal, and sometimes rendering you insignificant.

I enjoy fucking with you. Sometimes the clawed cat toying with it's mouse, the sunlight flashing off her eyes. Sometimes the merciful Mother, scooping up the broken toy.

Always on My toes; moving with the elegance of knowledge and power of one beyond my years. Journey into new realms with Me, as together we explore delicate and intense sensations.  


As educator, I am experienced, thorough, and strive to pass on a wealth of knowledge.


I have a fierce hands on approach, and believe I have a sacred duty to assist those who are truly called to this path.

The path of BDSM is not one to be taken lightly. It requires a strong mind, genuine nature, and respectful attitude.

As trainer, I utilise neuro-linguistic programming to encapsulate and all personality types including visual learners, as well as auditory, and kinaesthetic styles of tuition.

My passion is to share this intricate space with those who understand and respect this beautifully depraved art form, no matter where they are on their path. Applications required.


I enjoy the feedback loop of intimacy that sits in between our shared space. Sessions are tailored to your needs and level of experience, as well as My pleasure and desire. 

I offer sessions that meet you exactly where you are at. I find ways for the real you to arise, to be exposed, adored, and sometimes brutalised.

In order to go to the depth of play that is suitable for you, all activities will be negotiated and agreed upon prior. This boundary talk ensures expectations are matched. 


Therefore, we can play together knowing the session will be incredible. This means My respect for your boundaries is certain and unwavering. It also means I require the same level of respect.