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Give yourself over to Her

Erotic sessions with a professional Dominant

Meet Miss Bindikat

Explore traditional BDSM with a trained Dominatrix

Creating unique sessions for every client. Every encounter is a tantalising experience of sight, sound, scent, and touch.​

A facilitated self-actualisation utilising psychology, Feminine superiority, trauma informed consent, image therapy, and regulation of the nervous system to create personalised dynamic play.​

What I Specialize In

Erotic touch



Intimate connection

With sparkling clean facilities

Discrete & personalised


Are you bored with your experiences? Looking for that something special, but can't quite put your finger on it?

"I was a little nervous, but you greeted me with such warmth and I felt at ease with You immediately."

- slave ben

"I love how much attention You paid to me, finding all the little things I enjoy with such ease."

- baby sam

"Your outfits are as stunning as Your body. I was turned on for hours. I can't wait to see You again."

- sub andrew

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Melbourne, Australia