Mistress. Educator. Mentor.


Mid thirties fervour, so ever-yearning for more. 

More jazz bars, more whisky, more slaves,

and more apprentices.

The crack of leather over a

pink bottom, rosy red lips and stilettos, 

or the tip of thickened cane.

I create unique sessions for every client. Every encounter is a tantalising experience of sight, sound, scent, and touch. A facilitated self-actualization.

Utilising psychology, Feminine superiority,

trauma informed consent, image therapy,

and regulation of the nervous system

to create personalised dynamic play.

 I welcome newcomers and seasoned players.

Ever lustful to meet new people, with one heel firmly planted upon the nether regions of this wonderful life.

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​©2017 all rights reserved.​ Photography by Michael Alesich. Ellen Duffy. Dennis Murphy. Lee Baker. Chameleoneyephotography. Tim Doig