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Hey There

So you're thinking about mentoring?

If you're wanting support and advice, you've landed in the right place. I've been in the industry for over a decade, and over my time I've been involved in almost every aspect of the sex industry. I offer mentoring because I personally had a difficult time entering the industry, with little to no support.

I know what it's like to feel alone, unsure, and wanting to create something new and different. Whether you're transitioning from brothel work to independent, from massage to full service, from civilian to sex worker.. I'm here to help. Together we can explore your visions, and give you some tools to really ignite your brand.

My personal life is also filled with advocacy, legal studies, and politics. And most workers who are already in the industry are working at various levels of social, legal, or economic risk. A common issue I assist with includes minimising all police interactions via unique and flexible workarounds to keep providers safe. 

One Month Mentor Package



Gain solid support in which to explore your own business. Perfect for independent massage therapists wanting to expand into erotic work. Maybe you have an established erotic business that you want to develop. Or perhaps you're a sex worker wanting to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you're a Mistress, Master, brothel worker, or high class escort.


If you're wanting help for your business but don't know where to look, then reach feel free to apply for mentoring. This program cuts out a lot of the struggles people usually experience in the first year, and fast tracks your business. ​ Covers branding, the legal side of work, security protocols, introductions to the industry, police interactions, health protocols, state by state requirements, phone and email interactions, online safety, marketing and photoshoots, social media, profiling, screening, as well as resources and homework. ​


A mentorship can range from questions and explorations, experienced based assistance, increased awareness, homework and building your industry based plans, and ultimately gets you ready to begin offering your brand. Sessions happen weekly, and can also be arranged via skype. I also offer a casual education introductory training for $250 an hour, capped at five hours.