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Hey There

So you're thinking about training?

Perfect for people really wanting to learn hands on skills from an experienced provider. I have a wide range of modalities under My belt, and I believe in sharing the craft of BDSM and kink through personalised education.

An intensive month long training in kink and BDSM, this is a mini version of the three month apprenticeship. It is condensed to one month, conducted over four half day sessions. Together we sit down and create a personalised list of everything you would like to gain skills in, and make agreements in achieving your goal together.

One Month Training Package



Ideally you have already have a solid basis of basic principles like enthusiastic consent, how to set scene, what an ongoing non verbal dialogue of consent looks like, how complex trauma and  PTSD can be inform sessions, how to navigate your own boundaries as a Top, how to avoid serving the bottoms in session but still playing with dynamic consent, the difference between SSC and RACK, what steps to take prior to in person sessions to ensure safety, what Feminine superiority looks like and why we engage in the belief, what the patriarchy is and how BDSM and Fem Doms fight the war on sex negative conservative views, and how the personal is political. 

If you don't already have prior knowledge as listed  above perhaps the apprenticeship is for you where we cover these things. However, I can tailor a one month program if you're not ready to commit to a longer apprenticeship. I work efficiently, am organised and effective, and expect the same from you. This package is available only via application, as I am quite selective in who I train.  My time is also quite limited, so feel free to put in an application below.