How does this work?

Navigating the sex industry can be difficult. If you're a first timer, it can be stressful knowing what to do. This page is your place to thoroughly research what I offer before reaching out to Me.


Due to state legislation and personal safety requirements, I often cannot discuss intimate details of sessions even privately. Therefore your first step is to utilise this webpage to see if we're a good fit.


Ideally then make your own appointment on the booking page, and place a deposit. If you need help, send a thorough request detailing your experience, thoughts, needs, and what has brought you to Me.

Available Services



  • Tie and tease

  • Sensation play / sensory deprivation

  • Mind games / emotional BDSM

  • Chastity and keylock

  • Human furniture

  • Gorean slave  training​

  • Orgasm denial

  • Ruined orgasms

  • Foot worship (clean or dirty)

  • Rope play and Shibari

  • Dominance

  • Collaring and leads

  • Smoking fetish

  • Pet play (pony, kitten, etc)

  • Anal play & pegging (you)

  • Cross dressing & sissy

  • Genderfucking

  • Ritual BDSM

  • Age play / AB

  • Can also include any of the below for dynamic customised play


1 hour (minimum): $450

1.5 hours: $650

2 hours: $800

2.5 hours: $1100

3 hours: $1250

Half day: $2400

Overnight: $4000​


Golden showers: extra $50

Sensual voyeur: extra $300

Sexual cuckold: extra $450

Sploshing & food play: POA

Adult baby: POA



  • Spanking

  • Impact play

  • Flogging ​

  • Spitting

  • Face slapping

  • Gagging

  • Cling-film mummification

  • Some latex play available

  • Restraints and harnesses

  • Power play

  • Covert public displays 

  • Tickle punishment (strict or sensual)

  • Can also include any of the above or below for dynamic customised play


1 hour (minimum): $450

1.5 hours: $650

2 hours: $800

2.5 hours: $1100

3 hours: $1250

Half day: $2400

Overnight: $4000​


Any heavy clean up: extra $50

Forced cuckold: extra $500

Forced bi: extra $500

_U0A2513 edit.jpg


  • Traditional corporal punishment

  • Ball busting

  • Cock and ball ties

  • Cock and ball torture

  • Needling  (sensation or pain)

  • Humiliation & verbal abuse

  • Stapling

  • Wooden bats

  • Heavy impact play

  • Caning

  • Intense blood play

  • Cigarette burns

  • Knife and edge play

  • Scat: requires 1-2 days notice

  • Can also include any of the above for dynamic customised play


1 hour (minimum): $450

1.5 hours: $650

2 hours: $800

2.5 hours: $1100

3 hours: $1250

Half day: $2400

Overnight: $4000​


Scat play: extra $200

Scat on body: extra $300

Scat consumption: extra $400

Scat forced consumption: extra $450



It is your duty to understand My offerings and have a firm grasp on basic things like rates, etc. Due to state legislation, I cannot answer any specific questions, and will refer you back here.


I have hundreds of applications a week, and accept a rare few. Please take the time to research what I offer. When you're ready to ask for a booking, visit My bookings page.


Please do not treat Me like a brothel and expect a walk in appointment with twenty minutes notice. I don't exist for your sexual gratification, I am a real human Woman with My own schedule and needs. Please book with adequate notice. Safety protocols may include screening and deposits.


I only see verified clients who understand the fundamentals of booking an independent commercial Mistress. This may include screening and safety deposits, depending on the booking requirements. If you can't respect My safety protocols, perhaps visit a dungeon or parlour. Discretion is 100% assured and I utilise the latest online security to ensure our play is private, and yet safe for Me. I'm not interested in outing you, I'm interested in good repeat clients. All My beloved subs and slaves are valuable to Me, and My career relies upon 100% privacy. However, I cannot compromise My personal safety. Deposit details will be sent if I accept your application.