Hey There

So you're thinking about a six month apprenticeship?

If you've reached this place, by now you would know everything I offer is completely customised. The six month apprenticeship is something I only offer an extremely select few.  It's generally only available for those who have completed a previous training with Me; the mentoring or one month training package are the most popular.

In this package I offer clear and thorough education to train you in My life's work. I truly believe that the art of kink and BDSM has made Me into the incredible Woman I am today, and I'm delighted to share that wealth of knowledge with others.

Six Month Apprenticeship



A private program designed to build your career from the ground up, and get you completely ready to launch your new business. In this package I teach everything I know, including soft and hard skills to the depth of My experience, lots of theory to support your journey, hands on practise with My personal and professional slaves, and in person supervision. Kink is a craft, an art, a way of life, a philosophy, and a skill with thousands of practises. 


I work fluidly, and tailor all apprenticeships to each individual. I work diligently to help you become the best professional possible. In return I demand punctuality, service, humility, honesty, an inquisitive mind... and all homework completed, on time. All genders are welcome, but I work mostly on cis men and subs with cocks. ​Depending on what you need, apprenticeships can include everything already discussed on these pages, plus all activities I am trained to offer. All professional equipment supplied for practise.