Hey There

So you're thinking about a three month apprenticeship?

If you're getting serious about wanting to learn the craft of BDSM and kink, you can't just go and enrol in a short course at TAFE. This is an ancient art that requires patience, skill, devotion, and lots of practise.

If you're here, it's because something is urging you to delve into a new world. But it can be daunting to do this alone, and without proper skill and supervision BDSM contains all kinds of physical and emotional risks.

I have spent the better part of ten years studying with trainers, Masters, Mistresses, and Tops from all around the globe. And I'm extremely proud to offer an in depth, hands on training to those who successfully apply.

Three Month Apprenticeship



An advanced program which includes everything listed in the mentor program and one month training, plus lots more. As a trainer I'm generous with educating newcomers without hoarding My skills. I know the unique service I offer cannot be replaced by My mentees, which allows Me to connect with My community as an educator. ​

Suited to someone with a solid basic understanding of theoretical and practical skills required to work in the industry. Please be aware that generally a shorter three month apprenticeship is not enough for a newcomer to kink and BDSM to begin working as a professional Dominatrix. However I may be able to sign newbies off on various single modules. It can also be a good place to start, before committing to a longer arrangement.